100 Things To Do Before Die

My 100 things to do before die

1. See Aurora Borealis – แสงเหนือ ต้องไปเห็นให้ได้

2. Live outside my home country, Thailand at least 1 month

3. [Done] Eat michelin starred sushi – at Sushi Kanesaka, Ginza, Tokyo

4. [Done] Go snowboard – at Niseko, Hokkaido – wanna play more 🙂

5. Travel: Kyoto

6. Travel: San Francisco

7. Go road trip

8. Write a book and publish it

9. Have my own business

10. Live in upcountry that have fresh air, no air pollution

11. Learn 3rd language (Chinese or Japanese) ตอนนี้ภาษาจีนจะคืนครูไปหมดแล้ว

12. [Done] Play music on stage

13. Try to cook some menu

14. Ride first class on a plane

15. Decorate my house

16. Do my own web/blog (from design until finish)

18. [Done] Sell stockphoto

19. Try to bid work on a Freelancer

(updated: Dec 31, 2013)

20. [Done] Travel: Bali 

21. [Done] Travel: Japan

22. Travel: Europe

23. Travel: with family somewhere outside home country

24. [Done] Travel: Hokkaido

25. Work in design company

26. [Done] Do origami – และจะทำต่อ รู้สึกใช้สมาธิดี

(updated: Jan 8, 2014)

27. Exercise regularly; running, yoga, swimming, or else

28. See the match of Germany national football team in World Cup tournament

29. One Republic concert

30. Build my own website/blog theme

31. Travel: Chiang Khan, Thailand

32. T-Shirt design

(updated: Feb 2, 2014)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tanakiat Aui says:

    ไม่มี Travel: Hokkaido/Sapporo เหรอ San fran พี่ก็อยากไปเหมือนกันนนนนน


    1. vapadi says:

      จริงด้วย ต้อง add เพิ่ม


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